This is how the police in the USA handle someone who is “resisting”.  Notice his “resistance”.

The Fuckery.

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Young Zulu woman having her hair or headdress done. South Africa. ca. early to mid 20th century

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"The night sky is not lit up by one star, but by the billions of stars. Shine bright Black girls….Be bold. Be bright. Be blessed."

Just a few black girls/women who blew me away in 2013. I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds for them, for us, and for all Women of Color. 


Le sigh

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  • Intro: State of the Hip-Hop Union Address
  • Track 1: How Do My Presidential Balls Taste?
  • Track 2: Obamacare For Ya Mama
  • Track 3: Vetoing The Pussy feat: The First Lady
  • Track 4: Rock the Vote After I Rock Ya Headboard
  • Track 5: I Got the CIA Fucking With Me
  • Track 6: White House Sanctioned Murder feat: Wild Joe Biden
  • Track 7: Government Lockdown (Fuck the Repubs)
  • Track 8: Senate Massacre
  • Track 9: Executive Branch Evil
  • Track 10: Harvard Hitman
  • Outro: Re-Elect a Real Nigga When You See One
  • Bonus Track: What You Mean Declined? (The Deficit’s Trying To Kill Me)

this track list was too good I had to reblog again

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Big Sassy

I was sketching a perfectly ordinary figure when suddenly this proud and passionate African queen began to emerge, demanding to be drawn instead. Given the fiery look in her eyes, I thought it best to cooperate.

Yes, she is a cartoon character; but it might be a good idea not to mention that in front of her. This is a lady who means to be taken very seriously.

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